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Steve Sr.
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The bow?

Sorry. I forgot not everyone is a Bear Archery nutcase. 😀

To me, and many others, this bow is the creme de la creme of Fred’s hunting bows of decades past, A 1959 Kodiak. 60 inches, 48lbs.

She may stand second or third to a lot who covet the 1960 “Supreme” versions of the Kodiak and Kodiak Special but the 59 is the first year of the “Bear Medallion” bows and first year of exotic wood use. This is Brazillian Rosewood, no longer legal to export out of Brazil.

I hope to take a deer tomorrow with her…..and a few other things that came with her.

You see…I have a tribute to submit to “someone” that I never knew but is, none the less, part of the “traditional” in traditional archery…….the tradition part of honoring those before us and I feel “I owe this guy one”.

Hopefully, I will do the equipment and the original owner justice.

Here she is with her “new” Robin Hood camo sleeves ready for the AM with a new calf hair rest I made. The original feather rest, nor one of mine I had will support my heavy weight arrows so I changed it so I can shoot all my arrows from the shelf.

I expect I will have a forth coming thread with more on “owing one” to the original owner soon.

God Bless
Steve Sr.