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My Father taught me archery, but we only went hunting a couple times..for rabbits, he with a gun,myself with an old glass bow…. but we never went deer hunting, or any other hunting besides the couple times for rabbits… then my son came along and for some reason it sure kicked my hunting into high gear, I guess it hit me that I owed it to him as his father to show my son the ways of the woods, he was just 6 months old when we went the first time, I taught him what I had learned and he taught me a few things too, so we kinda learned together.. for a while……we were seperated for a time due to a nasty divorce, but when he came back to live with me…I found out we had both learned a lot more… it was great…. I had a real hunting buddy that was more than willing to go anytime, anywhere with dad hunting, the hardest part was the shooting, he had the shakes from an early age, we never found out why, but I taught him “the circle” method and it worked very well for him, so well that it followed him into the Army, where he earned some medals with his shooing and some company records,and saved a few lives too…… about a week ago I got wind that they are giving him another medal,I just wish he was still here to recieve it for himself..he passed away April 25th. 2005 ,3 weeks after returning from Iraq, killed by a drunk driver…..I’d really like to think of my son Dustin as my mentor, he taught me more than I taught him, he taught me how to be a father….Steve