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T Downing
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I personally struggle with the whole hero thing, especially in bowhunting circles. That said, there are quite a few archers within the ranks that I admire and take from. Saxton Pope is way up on the list in regards to his wonderful books on bowhunting. I have always admired Papa Bear because as a kid I thought he was the coolest cat out there. Watching him on TV and reading his Field Notes only stoked the fire. I have a growing admiration for Paul Schafer and Bart Schleyer. They were both hardcore hunters and their stories captivate me every time. For many years, the standard bearers in how I want to carry myself in regards to ethics and love of the bow are Jay Massey and Doug Borland. I admire and respect the writings of Don Thomas and Dave Petersen. Their writings have been extremely influential in my development as a traditional bowhunter. Lastly, my father is the ultimate source of inspiration for me and if the word hero has to be used, then it is him who fits the mold. He is as tough as nails, disciplined, and has a true passion for traditional bowhunting. Like all fathers, he made mistakes with me when he was younger, but since traditional archery came to the forefront in our hunting, he has exemplified ethics/principles beyond reproach. T