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JasonJelinek wrote: One of my friends shared an experience with me. He was in a tree stand and had a good shot at a whitetail doe at a little little less than 20 yards. The deer was framed by 2 limbs, calm and stationary. He picked a spot on the chest and released the arrow. He watched as the arrow entered the rear leg (right in the ham) closest to him. The doe was down after moving about 10 feet. He then got down and put a finishing shot on the deer. My friend was disappointed with the shot as he is a good, consistent shooter in practice and is a good hunter. He did mention that the arrow may have clipped a twig but isn’t sure.

Upon further examination he noticed that the arrow had completely penetrated one leg, broken the upper leg bone on the other leg and the broadhead was pushing up against the skin. The tip on the broadhead was curled slightly, but could easily be filed down to a good sharpness. The leg bone wall thickness at the impact site was from 1/8″ to 3/16″.

The broadhead was a 150 grain Grizzly El Grande with 100 grain steel adapter, mounted on a carbon shaft with a 100 gr brass insert. He shoots the arrow at about 150-160 fps.

The first two pictures I’m holding the pieces of the bone together to show how the broadhead most likely looked as it entered the bone.


This is what the bone looked like after the shot (minus the skin and flesh).

It is amazing what an arrow can do.

Thank you for your time and efforts in posting the results. Very informative for all…