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William Warren
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StandingBear wrote: This is just a question but what type of equipment do you need to build a bow. I think I would like to give this a try. When talking with elders in the sub acrtic region of Canada, they remember seeing their elders using white spruce branches, the really big ones that had dried at the base of the tree.


Standing Bear,
I use only hand tools. Here is a list in the order I use them.

Hand Saw – to cut the stave to length

Hatchet – to reduce the stave to a rough shape.

12″ Draw Knife – to shape the bow and handle area

Spoke Shaves – to to continue shaping but takes off less material

4 Way Rasp – final basic shaping

Cabinet Scrapers – This will remove tool marks and do fine wood removal while tillering

1/8″ round file – cut the string knocks

Sandpaper of various grits – depends on how smooth you want it.