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Bruce Smithhammer
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J.Wesbrock wrote: It’s important to remember that where your string hand ends up is part of your follow through, which should never be an action in and of itself. Follow through should be nothing more than the natural reaction to a properly executed shot. It’s a subtle distinction I see people frequently missing.

Some folks are so hung up on their hand coming to rest on their shoulder that they shoot the shot with their normal dead release, pause, and then purposely pull their hand back and touch their shoulder. This is not conducive to accurate shooting because the archer is more worried about how they look at the end of the shot than they are about hitting their target. Follow through is something people use to gauge whether or not the rest of the shot was done correctly. It is never something that should be done consciously.

I think we were posting at about the same time, and essentially saying the same thing, Jason. I totally agree with the above. Especially your 2nd paragraph, underlined for emphasis.

I guess this topic is starting to become more about the release than the anchor, but I think that where one anchors is a fairly personal thing, and whether it’s the corner of your mouth or your cheekbone or your ear, doesn’t really matter as much as what you do after hitting your anchor. At the risk of sounding narrow-minded, there are a lot of ways to anchor, there aren’t as many ways to have a good release that doesn’t negatively affect the shot in some way.