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I use several exercises to build up and shoot well and i have no lower shoulder socket on my right arm I had to lear to shoot right handed then firty year slater i seprated my left shoulder 4th degree sepaeration it shortened my draw by one inch from 29 to 28″. I bench press do curls and whats called a fly. the fly builds up the shoulder blade area which really helps in drawing heavy bows and holding them at full draw. Im 60 and have had spinal damage due to being in car accident hit from behind while stopped several times the socket and shoulder injuries were from crashing motorcycles. it hurts a bit building up but once you get into it it feels great!

But im s sucker for big motors big guns and high poundage bows ex wife says i too macho! im only 5’7″ not a big guy

but no matter wehat you shoot aboove all have fun thats the name of the game.

skifrk wrote: One way to develop those muscles is to try some of the exercises G. Fred Asbell has in his book “Advanced instinctive shooting for bowhunting” or develop a workout program to strengthen the muscles that are used in the back for heavier bows along with their opposite so the ones in the chest, remembering to work all muscles in the back not the ones on the draw side.