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Swamp Rat wrote: I think that some of it may have to do with people not taking the time to build up to the heavy weights.

I have and do start as many as I can into trad, but I push them toward cheap low weight bows to start out with. It lends itself to better form, more accuracy, and confidence. Get the form right to start with then they can shoot about anything.

I wish someone had tought me that when I started.

i think its smart to start with a very managable weight–40’s or so–but i also think that once you have achieved an “automatic” form –you should work up in weight –as high as you can–allowing you to shoot as heavy an arrow as you can at a reasonable speed—high #50’s-low 60’s is fine for north america IMO-

-but i can’t help but think that many guys are trying to see how low they can go–we’ve all seen the posts–“elk killed with #30 bow”–i don’t think its the right direction for bowhunting to go–i’m not saying you have to hurt yourself !but putting some effort in this will have its rewards