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Its a bit of work to stay in shape to pull a decent bow but we need to stay in decent shape! compared to Howard Hill and people like john Shculz im a wuss those guys drew some serious bows into their old age. Id like to carry on that kind of tradition and besides its kind of fun seeing the look on someones face when they try to draw your bow! its all about working those muscle groups and staying in decent shape i am constantly working to get back in shape because im an accident prone individual. But its not tolerable to me to compromise! ill shoot a mans bow as long as i can then maybe ill get a compund! i sometimes shoot my kiddie bows i have several 60#ers i use when recovering from injury.my nephew started shooting some time ago i gave him my old first recurve then my brotheers old recurve and three weeks ago i gave him a vinson minor bamboo longbow and dozen wooden arrows! you should have seen his face now all his friends want longbows. hes drawing 60# but hes a tall 16 year old. he has pretty much put his compund away and shoots the long bow exclusivly! I cant wait to take him to some traditional three d shoots like i did his uncle when he was young.