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tkohlhorst wrote: I was down at the Waterloo Expo last weekend and was shocked at what the vendors were telling me about the bow pounds that they sell. I only saw a handful of bows that were above 50lbs at 28″. I think the heaviest bow I saw was 55lbs at 28″ and that was a selfbow. My dad and I asked a few vendors why they do not have any heavy bows 60+lbs and they all said that the bow would sit there for 2 years before someone would pick it up. They said they would be more than happy to make one up but do not have them on display due to the lack of interest in them. I would say close to 90% of the bows at the expo were bewteen 40-50lbs which is enough to kill any animal in the midwest minus a moose. What is the reason for this? Is it due to the fact that people want to shoot all day long and pulling back a 60lbs bow all day long can wear out your shoulder pretty fast? Or could it be that the younger generations are not getting into traditional shooting?

When I was building bows for the public back in the earlie 2000’s I was seeing that trend coming and coming fast. If I built a bow over 55# it took sometimes several months to move it. It hadn’t reached the low weight range it is now because 40 to 45#er were just as hard to sell. Anything I had in the 47#-55# range very rairly came home with me after the shoots.

This is the reason I still build my own bows. If I want more weight I just build it.