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My bow is a 60lb bamboo saluki longbow, I am pretty sure that my arrow spine was off when shooting that thing but I got to fed up buying arrows that I desided to take the easy way out. I tried to bareshaft tune with that bow with 3 different field point weights 145 160 and 190 at 20 yards. 145 and 160 shot 3 feet to the left of the target and the 190 shot 3 feet to the right of the target. That was about the time that I tossed my hands in the air with wood arrows.

You maybe right about your reason for the lack of bows. That is my general opinion on the subject too. I am not saying that its a bad thing that people are shooting lighter bows but more or less I envy the shooters that started out with the 60-70-80lb bows. I know that my bow which I shoot would be able to take down any wildgame that is in my neck of the woods. It concerns me thou if I want to go after a different game if I would be able to take down larger game with my bow. I like to shoot my current bow but I think I may hang it up in the next couple of months and pull out my 60lb longbow and start shooting that again just to increase the weight, from there I maybe looking into a takedown recurve so I can switch out the limbs on it.