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well that explains it my baby bows are 60# I really prefer 70#+ long bow and 65# or so in recurves that kind of makes the bows shoot very similarly. im recovering from another injury and hitting the weights in preperation. I plan on being in shape to shoot 70# very well in a month or so. theres just something about shooting a bow with some power behind it they shoot flatter or so it seems and hit nice and hard. but then im old and set in my ways shooting heavier bows gives me the motivatrion to get into better shape despite having dislocated one arm many years ago and having a shoulder seperation on the other side. im left handed but had to learn to shoot right handed due to the dislocation of my right arm the recoil will take my arm out of the socket. I do prefer the Hill style riser too although i have a new Kota on order and his old school riser works really well for me also.