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I had some toy. You know the one, the 10# pull, plastic rest, plastic coated string, came with 2 fiberglass arrows with plastic vanes and dull aluminum point. Shot that thing up in the air too many times. I’m guessing that’s why it came with such dull points. One thing that I vividly remember is roaming the woods with it and finding an old discarded beer bottle. This is one of the things that have intrigued me about archery for years, and even though it took me 30 years, it’s one of the things that really got me into it. I put the bottle on a stump. I stood about 10 feet away and started hurling arrows at it. I wised often. Then (by luck since I had zero skill) the arrow hit the bottle. I was only trying to knock it off the stump, but darn-it if it didn’t shatter the bottle. Again, this was one of those setups that was just shy of having suction cups on it. I couldn’t believe it. I figured that either the bottles were real weak, or bows could really do some damage. I was walking around like I was Robin Hood for weeks. Other than that (and a few holes in the siding and a broke window from missing the siding, and shooting at any living thing crawling of flying in the tree in our back yard {the only think separating us from our neighbors was that tree, and the branches were spread far}) not much. Be well.