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lee c
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P.J. Petiniot wrote: Wade–

I will offer up one more piece of free advice-It will be worth exactly what you paid for it;)

Although there is nothing wrong with gaining the skills it takes to hit targets at 20-30 yerds, you must first be completely confident and competent at 5-15 yards-I mean you must know that you will never miss at those ranges before you worry about longer ranges-At this point in your traditional archery journey, I would concentrate on making the shot at much closer ranges. In a woodlan invironment, even having the oportunity to make a 30 yard shot is pretty rare-

As a traditional bowhunter, the majority of your shots will be close (5-15 yards) you want to know you can kill every creature that crosses your path at those ranges-

If you do this, you will become a successfull bowhunter, this I am sure of.

As for Eclipse broadheads-You cannot go wrong with these heads. Blake is a great guy and I will be using these heads exclusivly for the first time this season.

I have used many heads over the years and kept coming back to Zwickey Deltas. I love the heads and I have killed a lot of stuff with them but I know Blake and his family. They are good people and he makes a great product. I am going to give these heads an honest run this season and I will not shoot anything else. I have shot them and they are flying great for me-no issues there..

Keep us posted on your practice routine and tell us of your progress.

Thanks..I am glad you wrote this. Think I needed to re-hear this! Been kinda in with Rebstud lately myself. Good to hear again! Take care,lee