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Forget the comma, Tabasco wet wipes would keep things lively. 😀

I carry two flashlights, a bit of fire starting equipment, some p-cord, two knives, a Leatherman tool with a saw, etc., an emergency space blanket, some usually gooey candy bars, a mini first aid kit, a spare tab (lesson learned the hard way), a couple of small trash bags, and a small file and whetstone. Water of course in this country. That is usually the biggest bulk and problematic to keep quiet. But I manage.

I will probably add my recently purchased Vortex 10×32 monocular so the next time the sun comes up and my binocs are way back in the truck…………

The tab? I didn’t forget one, I had it turned around on the back of my hand tending to my business, swatted at a fly and the tab flew off and down about a 100′ cliff. It’s still down there somewhere I guess. So if you find one with R2 on it, let me know.:D