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jason samkowiak
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Great stuff listed here guys! Keep it coming. I love these kinds of posts.

Pack items in a very personal thing based on locations, durations, weather and skill level.

I think Skill level really determines how much and what types of survival stuff a person brings. There are not a lot of people that can get by comfortably or safely in the woods in the fall over night with just a knife like you see people do on tv. It good to have the right gear with you. As skill levels increase and knowledge increase pack items can decrease.

I love all these types of topics and seeing who carries what and why. Actually I love anthing survival or skills related.

me personally I will never be out in the woods or even out in the city with out a knife, lighter, magnifying glass, compass small feresium rod, flash light with adjustable power (so I can run on candle or low for weeks if need..lol)

These items are on me every day.

when in the woods I always have at minimum 2 crushed flat plastic water bottles (for boiling or just a container), iodine tablets, 2 silver space blankets, 50 foot paracord, good fixed blade knife, 3 lighters, cotton balls soaked in petroleum jelly, extra compass, extra flashlight battery, big feresium rod, some Toilet paper and 10 feet duck tape.

That is my minimum that is always in my pack.

all this stuff is small enough to fit into a quart zip lock bag and weighs very little. But there is no condition or location that I have yet been in that this would not make life comfortable and safe.