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Col Mike
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Stunning photo’s! Darn I do not need another bow:lol: I already have two of the coffee variety . Bruce will the thunder child be at ETAR this year?

Hammer and Clay–have you seen this book,” Super Volcano–The Ticking Time Bomb Beneath Yellowstone National Park.” Greg Breining.

As Lin and I downsize our business and look for another place

your area has always been my top choice, Linda wants a boat and condo in Fl. I have already cautioned against–because of all the people and rising seas8) and besides we lived aboard for some years–to much stress.

But then this book spells out the possible events in your area–and as a geologist before the Corps–I’m thinking property values will go down if this book becomes more wide read and thus affordable:D

Again great photo’s, snow still on our ski sloops and more headed this way on Wed. We have had over 160″ this year with another foot or so of the wet heavy stuff on Wed. But the daffodils are in bloom:lol:

Semper Fi