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Bruce Smithhammer
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Greetings, friends old and new –

What I’ve “got goin” of late is recovering from two trashed shoulders, a dislocated collarbone and a broken wrist, among other things. Just as I was heading into the fall hunting season last year, I took a test flight over the handlebars of my mtn. bike and, as a friend of mine is fond of saying, “my enthusiasm exceeded my talent.” 😆

A forced break from hunting and being overly obsessed with bows was probably healthy for a little while. I tried a few times over the winter to draw my lightest bow, and searing pain would kick in long before I could reach my anchor point. But I believe that being selectively stubborn can occasionally be a good thing in this life, and I refused to accept that I would never shoot a bow again. I also knew that I had to put them away and focus on other things for a while. In the last few days, I’ve been reaching full draw on my longbow, if only a couple times before I need to put it down again, but still. To feel that familiar grip in my hand again, and see and feel the flex of a bow, is a wonderful thing. Heck, maybe I’ll even be able to hunt this year, but if not, I’ll keep stirring the pot and heckling you all on occasion….:wink:


– Bruce