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Doc Nock
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David, wasn’t looking for kudos. I was cringing when I wrote it, think someone would chatise me for doing so. Citified hunters bother me… bright eye trails in my flashlight that look like a 745 runway also bother me…but bright flagging, double-wide trail…almost a mile? nah…not in my game lands! jerkwads!

We have multi-use on our state game lands in PA where I spent much of my life. Trouble is, hunters license fee and excise tax pays for it all. Then along comes everyone else, acting like they “own” it. Sorry to step on anyone’s toes, but the worst are the “horse people”. We’re not allowed to go off “groomed trails” but those horse folks would go straight up a steep slope, cutting underbrush and causing erosion ditches into tiny streams with native trout…siltation killed the trout eggs from horse beaten paths causing erosion..and nobody ever got arrested… but they tried to arrest archery hunters for snipping a shooting lane!?! Seriously? It was high time to vacate PA. I may yet find worse in TN, but God I hope not! 🙁

I digress. Bikers, hikers, whatever… IF there are rules…adhere to them or find your own land to desecrate!

This is Alex’s kudos for removing camping trash… but I concur with his efforts and applaud him for coming out with a good tarp and a beach chair! LOL…