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When I finally got a bow in the 50 to 60 lb range, I felt a ping in my right shoulder. To make a loooooong story short, I went to the Dr., to the physical therapy, then the surgeon, and they are going to fix the rotator cup on August 18. Thus no archery, or fly fishing until after I recuperate. Six weeks in a sling. Dreading more physical therapy, seemed silly. They had me doing exercises with a 3 pound weight. Arwen was doing the same exercises with the same 3 pound weight, and made fun of me.

Arwen is still torturing me. Her latest trick is to scream in my left ear (the one that works) and whisper in my right ear (the one that doesn’t work).

footwear Saw another thread on footwear. Again I like non-skid footwear made for restaurant workers (search the web). I spent yesterday working on a slate roof, and didn’t slip once, and could feel every slate under my feet. A good second choice would be skateboard shoes. They are made to grip the top of skateboards, and work. Again you can feel everything you are stepping on. As for waterproof, put a plastic bag over your socks and inside the shoe and your feet will stay dry, sans perspiration. Or, you can make socks out of gore tex fabric to go over your socks, as I did.

As I said in BUILDING THE BOW there is not much doing here in the winter. LOTS doing in the summer, so I haven’t been here much (also getting hard to get computer time from my constant companion). Been going to outdoor concerts (cheap), trucking Arwen around (theatre rehearsals, swimming lessons, play dates, – I never had the social life this kid has) and working a lot more. I also have Audry to put a big grin on my face on rain days.

This weekend we are going to take “dirty old hat” pics for a thread. I know I’m not the only one here with dirty old hats, so you take some pics too.

I do miss you guys, but don’t want to burden you with my troubles, and haven’t worked on anything you would be interested in. Will try to stop by more often, as I have noticed I have been missed, just to leave a few wry comments when needed.