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Mule deer rifle opened here yesterday and here’s old R2 poking around with his bow, orange cap upon me noggin, snooping in the draws and canyons with my new Canyon Archery bow, and this caught my eye

It’s not always about the hunt.

Good thing I have other things to find as the two tracks through the area are quite well traveled now and after only the first of 14 days. I just disappear into the country as much as I can and snoop around. Perhaps someone will move something to me.

Amazing to me how the nature of the beast, the difference in life patterns between mule deer and whitetail deer, turns so many people into road hunters.

I think it best for me to let all get back to work after Thanksgivings and then perhaps I’ll have the last week to myself mostly.

I could change weapons, still may, but I hunt with that as I do with my bow, I attempt to go get’em.