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Bruce, wasn’t trying to tune your bow, wouldn’t even think about it, just trying to show that sometimes adding a little thickness to the side plate and or under the rest can solve a problem.

An arrow that is a tad too stiff can be used sometimes because with a little thicker side plate you can get just a hair more clearance and things work. Sometimes not.

I should have said that a thick side plate makes an arrow act weaker. I shouldn’t have put that in anyway because it’s really a moot point to me. There’s some dynamics in that statement that I’ve read that don’t compute to my brain.

Your right on need to shoot weaker farther out but sometimes a little helps.

“Fine tuning of arrow spine can be done by going up or down in point weight, arrow length, and adjusting the side

plate thickness on your bow.”

I’m used to shooting bows cut 1/8″ before center also so my subconscious instinctive view of a shot is ingrained that way. The bow I was shooting yesterday in center shot and messing with me. The popsicle did the trick instead of spending forever thinking I had spine problems.

I have a center shot longbow that was given to me. If I shoot it off it’s side plate I’ll shoot a foot to the right for a few hours then all will move to normal. Then when I pick up one of my normal longbows, I’ll be shooting a foot to the left til all comes back together.

So to simplify life, I built the side plate out on the center shot bow.

To those, a center cut is the edge of the side plate lines up with the bowstring. Center shot, the middle of the arrow lines up with the string. Clear as mud?

If I consciously aimed the point of the arrow that wouldn’t happen methinks.

Hand shock? I’ve shot some bows that would loosen your fillings. Perhaps they weren’t set up for me but I think it wouldn’t matter.

I have a hickory selfbow, shoots a fine arrow even if a bit slow but it jars me like crazy. Heavy arrows, whatever, it beats me up. I might could diddle with the tiller some but no more knowledgeable than I am about whittling on a bow that has a potential of turning into toothpicks in my hand, I’ll leave it be.

Pretty simple info here.