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Alexandre Bugnon
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Ugh! The infamous flagging tape!! Unfortunately, like Bruce said, my experience is that it’s not only from hunters around here, but also, and mainly from overzealous hiking trail maintenance volunteers. While I applaud their overall good work, Some guys of the NY-NJ Trail conference, of which I’m a member, are the worse, and they feel that they have to nail a blaze macaron every 5 yards, which not only makes trails look like Times Square at rush hour, but also, and most importantly deprives city hikers of the benefits of having to pay attention to where the hell they are going!! The new fad is also for some individuals to bushwhack and blaze new trails with orange flagging tape! :x:x:x

I usually remove excess macarons, and definitely every piece of flagging tape, sometimes filling both cargo pockets to the brim! 😀