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My motivation is just getting out into the woods, observing nature. The kill is secondary for me. I grew up with a grampa and 5 uncles who hunted and trained my cousins and myself to observe gun safety. Anybody caught handling weapons in an unsafe manner got the switch the first time. The second time was a lifetime firearm ban. Grandpa, RIP , had a lot of influence, and our parents agreed with the ban. I’m the only one who continues to hunt and I never got the switch. I don’t remember NOT hunting, I’ve been hunting so long. I turned 50 this year.

My gun seasons ran from the first week of the rifle season in Maine, then small game to stay occupied til 6 day, then a week up in Hainesville. I began wondering about archery because I have never taken a shot at a deer over 40 yards away. In Maine I couldn’t even see 20 yards away. I find aperture sights to be very adequate and have only fired a scoped rifle once, and got a little bloody doing it ha-ha. I began archery 2 years ago with a borrowed compound. I didn’t like it. Too much crap on it, using a release, peep and sights, etc. The stickbow is my weapon of choice now.