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Without intention of high jacking the thread, there has been plenty of evidence that “fresh” is better than “preserved”. That being said, it is all about HOW it’s done.

Example: I grow some veggies in my garden, take the tomatoes, make pasta sauce (salt, fresh spice), can it at 15# for 90′, put it in the basement until I need it. When I need it, I have some organic flour (that I don’t/can’t grow, especially mill). I make my own pasta, use my own sauce. So far so good.

Now the other way: I go to the store, buy some pasta and sauce. (Read the ingredients on both. If it’s anything more than tomatoes, spice, flour and water, it’s too much, IMHO).

Remember, there’s good, gooder and goodest (and also grammar lessons 😆 ).

I’m sure we could go into causes of disease, causes of environmental issues, etc. Point is, I don’t know. I don’t accept anything anyone hands me, but I am not an expert. Thing is, I always start at common sense. If something is picked from a tree growing in the wild, it is better [for you] than something forcefully grown in whatever kinds of chemicals, sprayed with heaven knows what pesticides. Now, does that mean the latter is going to kill you? I would say you could eat that your whole life and be better off than the person downing 12 doughnuts for breakfast, chips and dip for lunch and an extra large Philly cheese-steak (with whiz) for dinner. That’s not counting a six-pack or two. Again; good, gooder, goodest.

I am trying to wipe out as much (junk) food as I can, and grow/kill as much of my own as I can. Does that mean I never go to the supermarket? No, I go quite often. I just try to make “better” choices. I support local farmers and only buy things in season. I learned to can food. I got a freezer. Will I live forever? Probably not. Will someone who eats junk all day, every day outlive me? Maybe. But it’s all about odds. My odds of being in better health lie in exercising, quitting smoking (been 6 months now) and trading in the whiz for a salad here and there. Will it work? Only time will tell.

Well, enough of my preaching. Take care. Be well.