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Stephen Graf
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David Petersen wrote: Alex — Yeah, my bucket is empty also. 😀 Man, do I get longwinded on morning coffee! 😛

A banner on the cover of the current issue of the biggest bowhunting magazine proclaims: “50 yard shots every time? 7 tips to make it happen.” Nuff said …

R2 — You don’t know how good it makes me feel to hear folks younger than me say they couldn’t remember poop if they were standing in it. Names are the hardest. A few years ago, when I discovered I couldn’t even remember a pretty lady’s name after being introduced–in one ear, through the vacuum briefly, then out the other–I knew I was in really big trouble. So long as I can remember opening day of hunting seasons I guess I can justify hanging around and using up oxygen. 😉

You guys are a hoot!