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Stephen Graf
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…[quote=Steve Graf wrote: Industrial “food” is canned cancer.

I challenge you to support such a bold claim with evidence. In anticipation of your reply, here is my rebuttal:


It is well known that american food has high concentrations of pesticides and less nutritive value than it should. Some good books to read to get a “taste” of how america’s food has changed is the series by Michael Pollan.

The connections between high fructose corn syrup and poor health is also pretty well documented, though not “proven”

The problem with your challenge is that it is hard to prove something like this without a study which includes people not exposed to the food. Which is impossible. The argument you make is the same argument that the sludge dumpers make: “Prove that putting sludge on fields is bad” and the climate change deniers make “prove the CO2 causes global warming”

But here’s a quote from your rebuttal : “we are far more likely to get cancer from eating “healthy” foods than from eating at a fast food restaurant” So I challenge you. Eat only at a fast food restaurant for a year and see how you feel (if you are still alive).

And if you feel great, then good for you!