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Jason Wesbrock
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I have been using 125-grain Ace Standards since 2004. Over the past nine seasons, I’ve put them through some incredibly tough bone on big game animals ranging from whitetails to elk to moose (sans a few spine shots, all on the exit side). I have yet to so much as dub the tip of one of those heads, let alone actually damage one. If there’s a need for me to use a tougher head, I have yet to see it.

Prior to switching to Ace Standards, I shot Zwickey Eskimos and Deltas. I loved them, and they held up extremely well. Come to think of it, I never damaged one of them in an animal either. I shot the original Zephyrs for a while and liked them a lot. If I had to pick a broadhead I’d never used for the upcoming season, I suspect I’d go with the 125-grain Eclipse. They look extremely bomb proof. Regardless, there is certainly no shortage of excellent broadheads on the market these days.