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David Petersen wrote: Patrick — first I’ve heard of the Kidwell book. Very intriguing, judging by the sample you offer. Tell us more, please! Like, where can we get it? Dave

I bought it at the sporting goods store I buy my traditional equipment from. I was shocked that they had it (none of the employees knew they had it). It’s available here too:

I’m reluctant to give further examples out of fear I will not do it justice. Nevertheless, another example:
Along with shooting long distances to learn windage, long distance shooting will also assist with learning the arrows trajectory, and imprinting that into your subconscious as well. When shooting ALL of your focus should be on the target. When you release, part of your follow-through should include a SLIGHT focus shift to accomodate your arrow as it arcs toward the target. The trajectory does NOT change in relation to your hold/arm when you shoot at closer ranges. The arrow is simply stopped short of it’s full arc by hitting the ground or target.
That part somewhat reminded me of Byron Ferguson’s book “Become the Arrow”, but MUCH better!!!

Also: When you miss the target, don’t consider it a negative. Every miss, just as every bullseye, is a lesson learned.

Incidently, my wife is singing both ours and the Canadian National Anthems tommorow at the Saginaw Spirits hockey game. I’ve been inundating her with info from that same book to help her keep focused and confident. As Kidwell says, “Preparation breeds confidence and confidence breeds success”