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Hiram wrote: I just wash my clothes in a generic unscented, or as close as I can get detergent. Air dry outside if thee are no foreign odors present. Good ole outside air is hard to beat!
I also use Ivory hand soap to shower with, seems the thing to do. Much ado but, being clean and downwind is the best precaution! Avoiding a vehicle ride with you hunting clothes on is also wise, unless you are sure no air fresheners, perfumes, or other stink is present in the vehicle. I think if they can smell you at all, their gone!:)

Great information for all…

In 38 years of bow hunting, I have found Sport Wash by ASTKO to be one of the best products for cleaning my hunting clothes. DO NOT wash your clothes in regular detergents because most contain artificial fragrances and brightners. Sport Wash does not. Plain old baking soda works just fine, but does not remove the oders as well as Sport Wash. Astko makes a great hair and body soap as well.

Good luck!