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    Danny Klee wrote: I hate to be the unpopular one here but when i went hunting with my dad and his brothers it seemed none of them washed their clothes in anything other than what my mother and aunt used to wash the clothes. Two of my uncles were serious cigar smokers and the rest of them were cigarette smokers who regularly smoked while they hunted. Almost all of them were successful each and every year, either bow or gun hunting. I just dont see the need for expensive clothing nor do I see the need to wash your clothes in baking soda. At least not after seeing those fellas getting deer after deer all the while smoking right in the field. I personally don’t smoke but I don’t know that it matters all that much. I’m sure quite a few of you will disagree with me and that’s fine but I only know what I have seen in the past with my own eyes.


    LOL, That is because they were southern deer and had a smoking habit themselves. They probably approched those hunters hoping to bum a smoke.

    Dan, Nothing wrong with posting what you have seen in real life. 😀