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David Petersen
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Jim — your question strikes close to home, as the VA just awarded me a 10 percent disability and two new hearing aids for hearing loss and tinnitus (ringing ears) resulting from flying helicopters in the Marines. (It was the ultra-high-pitched APP (auxiliary power plant, used to start the twin jet turbine engines) that did me in.

Anyhow, I’m just getting used to wearing hearing aids when hunting, and am wondering if the “high pitched sound” you refer to is the feedback we hear in our ears when the units are turned up too high? I turn mine down just far enough so that when I put my hand to my ear I don’t get any feedback. Also, while this sound is very loud to us, I doubt anything, no matter how sharp its hearing, can hear it beyond a few feet. I hope not! So far I can only say that turkeys can’t hear it, and their hearing is excellent.

Ain’t getting old just wonderful? 🙄 On the other hand, at 65, yesterday morning I did a 1.5-hour very steep hike up to an old turkey honey hole, maybe 1500 feet elevation gain in 2 miles, and while I was in low gear the whole time I hardly had to stop for a breath. More than can likely be said for the two young fat guys with shotguns who beat me there in an ATV and ruined my hunt. The old story. dp