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Dan Aadland
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Steve Graf wrote: I thought you were a rifle man. Glad to see you’re getting more serious about your bow. TR would be proud. Welcome.

Thanks, Steve. I still consider myself a rifleman, hopefully in the traditional American model, but bows were an equal fascination. We’d alternate carving crude ones of willow with forays into the hills with .22 rifles and dogs. A parade of kids with rifles and dogs normally went down main street on Saturday afternoons. The compound craze turned me off, and a separated shoulder from a horse accident made bows uninteresting for a while. (I’m afraid it’s rebelling a little again–probably some arthritis in it.)

I guess for me it’s about the challenge one enforces upon himself, and that can be furnished with either rifle or bow. Here in Montana where bait and dogs aren’t allowed I’ll hunt this spring horseback in vast open country where if you spot a bear it’s likely to be a mile away. I’ll take my iron-sighted .45-70 and consider the challenge of getting close enough fully equal to that of waiting for a whitetail to walk by my stand in the woods below our house.

I’m enjoying this forum!–Dan

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