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Hi Ed, I pray God’s best for you and a speedy recover, I know it must be killing you not to be able to be out in the field.

I also want to personally thank you, for your unselfish sacrifices to share with all your finding.

Your studies, like most science, only make us ask more question, as we learn more, we think of new question.

So, here’s one, how about a 655 gran arrow with a 40% UFOC, ( I have not been able to make one yet ) I have been maxing out at around the 30% mark.

As I put more weight forward, the shaft(spine)just cant handle it.

I think keeping the weight of the arrow down, gives us the best of both worlds, flatter trajectory with supper penetration.

I might have to design a new arrow, as my Frankenstein 😯 arrow has hit the max.