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Bruce Smithhammer
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Steve Graf wrote:

I was talking about the performance of the silencer (ability to kill sound), not the performance of the bow 🙄

Oh, that. 😳

Well, as of this afternoon, I feel a little more qualified to comment. I put a pair of String Scallops on my Primal Styk today, and just shot about 50 arrows or so with them on.

I started out with the Scallops about 1/4 of the string length from the tips, which on this bow means about 15″ from either end. After shooting it this way for a bit, it seemed to me that they were equally as effective as the Mini Wooly Whispers I previously had on the string.

Then I decided to try the ‘heterodyning’ thing, and see if/how much of a difference that made. I kept the top Scallop at 15″ from the tip, and moved the bottom Scallop up to 20″ from the bottom tip (1/4 & 1/3 the string length, respetively). While it wasn’t huge, it was a noticeable improvement than having them equidistant @ 15″, and a little quieter than I had been able to get the bow previously with the Wooly Whispers.

Here’s a pic of the Scallop on the string, and the Mini Wooly for a size comparison:

So, at this point I’d say they are at least as, if not a little more, effective than Wooly Whispers. Which, when combined with their lower profile/bulk, ease of installation and adjustment, ability to easily remove them and reuse them, and that they don’t hold burrs the way that Woolies do, it seems like they are well worth it to me.

Keep in mind I’m shooting a D-shaped longbow, and it’s not a very loud bow to begin with. I’ll be curious to hear Etter chime in with his experience, and of course, anyone else who is using them.