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Mountain Man
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J.Wesbrock wrote: [quote=Mountain Man][quote=J.Wesbrock]Such a shame ABS discontinued the Dual Stalker. It was a great little quiver for a very good price. I think I paid about $20 for mine.

Wanta sell it?


I just saw the price on the one in the above link. Ouch! I didn’t pay that much for either of my Great Northern quivers several years ago. After seeing that, I think I’ll keep mine. 😉

$45 on a 3 arrow Eagle flight mini is the best price i can find

But i just bought new longbow and i wanta outfit it right,and once

Theres always a price to pay

Itll get used so $45/50 over the life of the bow is a small price atleast thats how i break it down to the wife