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Ron Roettger
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I leave Wis. at 4:30 am Tuesday the 19th. headed to the Blackhills I have both SD and WY tags. Tenting in the hills hunting the birds with my longbow and deer/elk sheds with lots of walking and looking. Also scouting water holes for my fall elk hunt in the same area of WY. Good luck to you all, be safe!

P.S. I Just got an e-mail from the mother of a young man that just completed both the Hunter Education, Bow hunter Edcation class that I teach. He got is first turkey, hunting with his uncle last Sunday durning Wis. Youth turkey season.
Here is part of the message-
Shayde got his 1st turkey on Sunday, the 10th. His turkey was 24 lbs, 9″ beard. He was so excited! He is very proud of himself! His cousin Noah got a 19 lb. turkey. Shayde rubs it in alittle that his was bigger! 🙂

I come back from my hunt on Easter Sunday, will past an update when I get back.