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I’ll take a picture tomorrow of a brush blind setup I just built where I’ll be trying to kill a gobbler with my selfbow. I’m not much for sitting in a blind turkey hunting but this is a great spot…especially for a midday or late morning bird. In other situations, I bet your ghillie will really come in handy. Never tried one, but bet it would be the trick. I’m switching to the selfbow for the last Ga bird of the season after taking a few early gobblers with the shotgun. I have no qualms hunting turkeys with a shotgun…love it…..but it’s also a blast with a tradbow (and I want to prolong the season as much as possible).

But first things first, the boy and I are after a particular bird in the morning who has found a way to survive several previous encounters. If he eludes us again, he will get a name. And then it really gets fun!:D