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Jason Wesbrock
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bully26 wrote: J. Wesbrock

I watched arrow flight out to 12-15 yards and consistently arrow flight effected impact angle. While tuning, my arrows would consistently kick in a specific direction upon impact.
So… as long as the arrows are accurate, impact angle doesn’t matter? Shouldn’t the mass of the entire arrow impact as “stacked” as possible. Wouldn’t any deviation upon impact cause the tail of the arrow to be less of a factor?
I shortened my arrow and corrected the kick a little more but then ran out time.
Simply, I just don’t understand how impact of a bareshaft has no effect on a finished arrow.
Thanx in Advance

It is true that arrow flight can affect impact angle, but so can the target media itself. That’s why you can’t take how the arrow sticks in the target as gospel. Remember, it’s not the “how,” it’s the “where” that counts. If an arrow flies at an angle, it will veer off and impact away from your fletched shafts. But it can fly perfectly straight, hit the target, and kick to one side or the other. And while it’s easy to see an arrow plane if it veers a lot, there’s a reason why folks generally shy away from tuning by watching arrow flight. It encourages people to peek during the shot, which can create a whole mess of shooting problems.