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Etter1 wrote: Okay, here’s the situation.

My two previous bows shoot at 50 and 56lbs and I’ve always shot 3555 gold tips with standard inserts and 170 and 190 gr heads. They’ve shot great from both.

My new bow claims to shoot 57lbs but it is backed with skins and I bet it shoots a little over 60lbs at my draw length.

I tried to shoot my 3555s with 170 heads and they flew everywhere. I went to a 90gr head and they flew pretty good but not perfect. Obviously too weak a spine.

I know I have to go to a 5575 arrow and will still be shooting 170 and 190 heads, but do you think I should be shooting 100 gr inserts instead of 11 gr inserts?

Any help would be appreciated as I’ve only shot 3555s.

Check this link out Sean.

It really helped me get my bow tuned when I first got it.


Click on the tab labled “Bow Tuning”