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dwcphoto wrote: If you are bare shafting well, then my guess is your form suffers in one way or another. I’m only speaking from my personal experience. I know that last year I had no problems in the 15-18 yard range, but things fell apart drastically out past 20 or so. I was happy to hit the bale at 35 yards.

I went back to form issues. See the Archery Anatomy thread. I try to blind bale practice frequently, if not every day. I closed my stance a bit too which helped me get into my back more. I’m no ace at the longer distances, but this work has already tightened things up considerably.

Keep watching Jeff Kavanagh and Moebow and Jimmy Blackmon. It’ll come. Best of luck, dwc

I was kind of afraid its me. 🙁 I got the bow last May and shot more last summer than I’ve ever shot. Last fall I went into hunting season with less confidence than any other season. But, I had a new bow, different glove, different arrows. And for the first time I started watching videos and reading books like “become the arrow” and “masters of the barebow” which got me to completely change my shooting style. I went from snap shooting, to methodically thinking through each shot and it really messed up my form and my shot so bad I tried to go back to my old tried and true style and now thats not working too well. Too much change at once?