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You are precisely right, Mike. Furthermore it’s common sensse that a shaft is single-tapered the back third or so to keep max strength and weight up front. I cut some GrizzlyStiks just yesterday, so am “fresh” on this point. I’m guessing that the comment you refer to was simply a typo. Yet, on a related topic, ABS is losing “market share” like crazy because we still have to deal with “turning the shaft just right” to fletch and tune, since they apparently are seamed up one side, when no other carbon shaft requires this extra and confusing effort. I personally believe the ABS GS’s are among best carbon shafts made so far as the taper (for excellent and easy EFOC), strength, consistency, and overall quality. But they sure ain’t among the cheapests and I just can’t tune them, and why should I work extra hard at it when I can buy, say, CE 250s for much less that shoot like darts bareshaft, no matter why way I orient the feathers? I wish ABS all the best, but they are really slow in understanding — and I know they’ve heard this before — that “traditional” archery has become way too technical and thus we “simple minded” trad folk who mostly aren’t techno-geeks and just want to hunt, will go for the products that work the best with the least effort and learning curve on the shooter’s part. IMHO. Just trying to help make a good thing better. Homer