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David Coulter
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I’m a hang on guy for store bought stands. I don’t go up very high at all. Usually under 10 feet, so I need to be brushed in well. I want that shot angle as the first priority. Most of my stands are homemade ladder stands with standard 8 ft PT 2x2s, using bolts instead of screws at the main load junctions. That won’t help you in the back country though. I buy whatever hang-on is on sale and I take the seat off and stay standing. For myself, I can stand longer than I can sit, as I can move my legs and feet slightly more often. The main thing though is I know I’d get busted when it was time to stand up. So many times there seems to be nothing but squirrels within a hundred miles and then suddenly, like a ghost, the deer is 40 yards away. I’m always convinced I’ll get busted just trying to get in position, let alone standing up. I think the best advice is to try as many as you can. If you have to carry a few extra pounds to feel secure, that would be worth the sweat. Good luck! dwc