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chainsaw wrote: I will be hunting whitetails in the river bottoms of the Snake River (Id) this fall. Trees are mostly smaller cottonwoods. What would be a good stand to buy? I am thinking of the portable ladder type but I have no experience with treestands. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

Hey Chainsaw; I quess to each their own! I hunt in Ga. most of the time,and hang in anything from Tall Palms,to large Oak trees. I myself like to use Loc-on tree stands. They seem to fit the bill for me a little better then most stands. Climbers are good you can get high and out of the way of the eye sight of Deer especially in territory that has hills,where Deer can stand opposite your location and spot you. Loc-on’s will clap just about anywhere you want to be with little effort,and you can reach what ever height
is good in the aear your hunting by just adding more ladder sticks to the tree. As the other guy said be sure to wear a safety vest for sure,it aids in putting up which ever stand you decide on. Also be sure you have a small cord hanging from your stand to hoist up your bow and what ever gear you use.Good luck…Wade