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David Petersen wrote: For me, summer is trail cam time. I primarily target bears, which I don’t hunt. Had a rocky start this year with one memory card stolen by a trespassing turkey hunter and the cam left on the ground, a set of dead batteries, and three pull-downs by bears. Finally today I got some pics. Hate to think of all the critters and action I missed until now. The Bigfoot bear (paw on log) was here last year and I’m guessing it’s either a birth deformity or the result an an old injury. Maybe I’ll get a closer look during elk season. The haze in some is from wildfires 50 miles away, now damped down by recent rains. Anyhow, here’s my opening bid. I invite your to up the ante. 😀

Set mine up in my yard and got some great pics…of my dog’s ass!