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Doc Nock
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Thanks for the compliment…Just SWAG…Scientific Wild-A$$ guess, Paleo…

Once you said you couldn’t find bow hunter in your chosen language, it made m e think… maybe it’s us or a modern-ish thing to delineate what type weapon and then identify yourself with that alone…

Me? I’m a meat eater. Can’t think of anything better then meat on a stick, but when archery is over, and the freezer is empty, I’ll go with whatever is allowed and try to “make meat”… Where I did hunt, with an o range pumpkin behind every tree, and a running critter was likely to die of lead poison from a barrage of shots, I hung the bow. Never had enough private ground to make it worth sticking the course…shame on me, eh?! 🙄

While you’re feeling all “tribal”…watch your top knot and keep yer britchen cinched up!:shock: