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Troy Warner
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T Downing wrote: How do you fellas combat the issue of the nocks flying out when you hit a stump? Pop has those arrows and the little nocks kept popping out when he stump shot. Pain in the rear…

I haven’t had a lot of trouble but I have had some, so… once I have the arrows tuned, the ones I will use for stumpin/small game I put a small dot of glue to the junction on the out side, that way if I need to change them out I can use my pocket knife and pop the seal. I have seen some folks that will heat up hot melt and put a dab on the inside of the nock then insert it in the best tuned position, if they need to change the nock due to damage they can heat the the nock lightly and twist it out with pliers.

There maybe more ideas from some more experienced people here.

Good luck