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Danny Klee
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My wife and I just spent the last weekend at the Michigan Longbow Association’s Great Lake Longbow Invitational for the first time. Boy was that a great time. I have never seen so many folks walking around with longbows in my life. I have to believe that when people discover tradtional shooting they will be hooked. My good friend and archery coach was a stedfast recurve shooter until he tried my longbow…now he has two longbow and is hooked. He too was a compound shooter for years after shooting recurves since he was 12 years old. Compound bow shooting will never disappear but then again neither will traditional shooting and hunting. Personally I love it so much that I shoot almost everyday. I recently bought a Martin Stick Bow for my wife and now she is hooked on traditional shooting. During the weekend she shot her first 3-D shoot and did very well. Traditional bows forever!!!!