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My dad gave me his old PSE Big Sky Magnum, along with all of his other archery gear, and I was fortunate enough to work a deal with the local bow shop to “traditionalize” that compound. I shoot the same arrows out of it that I shoot out of my Bear recurve, I shoot with fingers and no sights. Basically the only advantage I have over my recurve is the let-off that the cams give me. I had the compound set at the same draw weight as my recurve. Do I shoot one more than the other? Probably the recurve. I’ve taken the compound to one 3-d shoot this spring, and actually, my shooting wasn’t really any different than with my recurve. The main reason I shoot the compound is so that I can tell my dad this fall that I killed something with his bow WITHOUT sights or a release aid. An elk would be the best, but anything would suit me just fine.