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I bought my first trad a few years ago and put it away shortly after, because I got discouraged at my poor performance. I would get it out from time to time but still couldn’t seem to gain any consistency. In the past few months the traditional archery bug has really gotten a hold of me. I have been shooting regulary for the last few months and I am finally seeing a lot of improvement. I am now kicking around the idea of selling my Mathews so I won’t be tempted to return to the easy route of the compound (I’m one of those insecure types, I guess). I guess one part of my attraction to the traditional bow is the challenge, satisfaction and enjoyment I experience when shooting. I am now trying my hand at building my own wood arrows. The other part is my getting sick of the technology infested compound world, where compound bows are like computers, they are obsolete 3 months after you pay a small fortune for them.